Stay With Jesus! 3

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Stay With Jesus! 3

Stay With Jesus! 3

“… If anyone is thirsty, let them come to me and drink. Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within their heart.” John 7:37-38.

Jesus is calling you not to give up on your faith to fear, your patience to impatience, and your love to hate. Instead, He asked you to stay strong in Him and never get distracted by any temptation of the devil. Keep your faith in Jesus, and you will be saved.

When you stay with Jesus, you will be lifted in your spirit by His grace. You will be able to see that God is working in you and through you. When you stay with Jesus, you will know that you are vessel unto honor to carry out the work of God’s kingdom. You will have a life filled with joy and peace.

The Samaritan Woman in John 4 at Jacob’s well, was patiently listening to the Lord’s word even when she does not know who He was and His mission. However, while staying with Jesus and hearing what he had to say, she heard him revealed the truth about the kingdom of God and also her past life’s experiences. And from that moment onward, she became a soul winner with Christ, and her life was transformed into a new life.

Stay connected with Jesus! Don’t lose your sight in God’s promises. Instead, keep on living in faith. Keep on trusting God’s plan for your life. It does not matter who you are as long as you are willing to stay, listen, and follow Jesus in all your ways, your life will have a 360-degree transformation from being ordinary to extraordinary. Psalm 34:5 says, “Those who look to Him are radiant with joy; their faces shall never be ashamed.”

1. Dear Lord, I pray that you continue to bless me with my strength and courage to stay connected with you.
2. As you stay connected with Jesus, may your life shine into a new dawn of blessings, glory, honor, and victory in the name of Jesus.

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