Don’t Answer The Spiteful Question.

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Don’t Answer The Spiteful Question.

“Don’t Answer The Spiteful Questions.”

“Who is this man who told you to pick it up and walk?” they asked. John 5:12

Not every question is meant to be answered with an open mind. It’s okay to ignore the hurtful or spiteful questions that come your way or question your breakthrough. Walking through life, it has been observed that every action of men, and everything that happens to man, there are those who appreciate it, there are those who show indifferent attitude and there are the mockers.

The first group of people is there as motivators and encouragement, and likewise, they join us to celebrate our victories as it comes. The second group of people is not concerned with either your failure or success as long as it doesn’t have any impact on them negatively. These two groups, mostly support our daily aspirations, and we get up from bed to ensure we don’t let them down. However, the third group comprises of men who never sees the good in whatsoever you do.

They have a spiteful question regarding your victories; such as who support you? Who is your healer? Or who is your helper? They are always faultfinding, scoffing even deriding even the thinnest attempt we desire to make for a most remarkable life. Sincerely, it has been observed that of the three groups, the impact that the third group has on man seems to always overshadow the impacts of the other groups.

It is impossible to do without the three groups, and as such, when we know them for who they are, we have the right perspective towards them. The mockers shouldn’t be the reason why you fail to take the next attempt even after failing the first time or at other times. Instead, remember the words of today’s scriptures and keep making an attempt. The blind guy in the scriptures (Mark 10: 47-49) didn’t stop because of advice, he kept crying out till he got his desires met. Can you stop paying attention to the mockers but instead lets their mockery spur you into doing more than you have ever attempted to do?

1. Thank you Holy Spirit for today’s message
2. Today, I receive the grace to take the step one more time, no matter what men say.

I pray for you today, anyone questioning your promotion or breakthrough in a spiteful manner will be disappointed. Remember, God is faithful, and you are not alone in this journey.

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