Don’t Listen!

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Don’t Listen!

Don’t Listen!

God is a sovereign God; He does what He likes; He is omnipresent, and nobody can determine His way. He answers prayers at the appointed time and rewards those that diligently seek him through works. Many have supposed to receive their rewards many years back, but they have not been able to why? Because they lack knowledge of the truth.

The ignorant of the truth cause a setback, which leads people to lose their faith in God and become hopeless. If everyone searches for the truth, understand the truth and follow the truth, nobody will blame somebody for their misfortune. Dear friends, the devil operates through different mediums, such as humans, animals, and many more, therefore be careful.

For example, when Peters tried to persuade Jesus out of love not to lay down his for the sake of humanity, Jesus rebuked him sternly saying “get behind me Satan” (Mark 8:31-33). Likewise, anything can operate in a way that is destructive to the soul or change the plan of God, but only truth has the power to overturn operation. I see God telling you what to do at every point in time in Jesus’ name. Amen

Therefore, stand firm on the promises of God today; don’t listen to whatever medium the devil is trying to use to discourage you. Don’t allow your worldly heart’s desire to influence you to listen to devil ploys and tactics that are design to steal, kill and destroy, instead look deeply in the Bible; you will be saved by the truth and not by the lies. Remember, “Christ has anointed you with His word to know the truth.1 john 2:20.

1. I am grateful for your saving grace and my salvation in Christ.
2. Lord, help me to obey the truth of your word and instructions today in all I do in Jesus’ name.
3. I reject the devil’s ploys and tactics that bring disgrace, shame, and reproach by fire in Jesus’ name.

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