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Philippians 4:4, says, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will repeat it: Rejoice!”

It is interesting how apostle Paul emphasis to us that we should “rejoice always.” That means we have to be practical about it, even when we are stressed or seems frustrated. Do not react negatively to everything life throw at you, though we are all human and we are very prone to throw everything off when we do not have things in our way.

I remember a story, during the great depression around 2008, an old man who had been working hard toward retirement realized in one morning that all of his investment in the stock market was crashed. At first, he said “This is not good news. It has messed with my retirement plan and made my net worth go from pride to hide. It has turned the easy street into a mean street…” At the end he also said, let me share with you what I also discovered this morning; I have my wife, my children, grandchildren, house to live, food to eat, clothes to wear and above all “I HAVE A SAVIOR WHO WILL NEVER LEAVE ME.”

After I read his story, I realized that he still appreciates the grace of God over his life despite everything that happened to him. In everything that happened to him, he always gives thanks unto God. Through this, he found a solution to his stress and frustration. You too can navigate the fear of life by remembering the goodness of God in your life and “REJOICE ALWAYS.”

I understand that no negative report or incident is suitable to give God praise at times, but I encourage you to REJOICE. Be glad in the Lord, and rejoice, my lovely brothers and sisters. “Hallelujah! How good it is to sing praise to our God, for praise is pleasant and lovely.” Psalm 147:1


  1. Thank God for the grace he extended to you through Christ Jesus.
  2. Ask for the JOY of the Lord to feel your heart

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