It’s The Beginning

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It’s The Beginning


In the beginning, was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

No man or woman does not have the beginning of what they want to become. It is when we begin to realize that God has already given us everything we need to live our lives as He intended them to be. No man has ever decided when to be born and how to begin to live; God chose it through men called parents. After that, many have questioned why they were born of such parents when they saw other parents, and on the other hands, many also felt strongly dissatisfied with the environment they were born and grew up. However, does it interest you that the beginning of life just described has nothing spectacular to do for your future if only it is allowed to be a past and you press forward and get a new beginning?

Plato said, “The beginning is the most important part of the work.” Means the beginning of things matters with whatever the thing has to offer and has the potential of actualizing. We cannot live without the word and the light that was at the beginning of things. It is when we have lost sight of what God has given us that our hearts become hardened and our minds become hardened. Why does the beginning of life, in general, has a dramatic impact; this is because when we came into Christ, it was declared that the step taken ushered us into a new beginning. Besides, in that new beginning was the word, the word was with God, and the word was God. When you start your day with the word of God and begin to walk in faith, you are walking through the world with God. Your intentions, beliefs, desires, and understandings become sweet and distinct. The word of God becomes the light to your path. The word of God becomes your guide to what is right and wrong, good and evil.

Christ is the word of God at the beginning of time. He is the word of God in all creation, and his words are like water flowing down from heaven into the earth. It is the word of God that brings life into every situation. It is the word of God that brings the experience into every place. This is the message of hope for every man that has come into Christ. There is no other word that matters again from the past as long as we had come into Christ, for when we came into Christ, we are made, a new creature, old things are passed away and behold all things, and I mean it in all sense, all former, old and past things in your life are gone away. They don’t have a foothold again, and they can never get it because the life you live now is hidden in Christ Jesus. Arm yourself with this mind as you go out today. God bless your goings and coming. Remember, Colossians 1:17 says Jesus is before all things, and in Him, all things hold together.


  • Thank you for delivering me from my past life.
  • In the name of Jesus, I soak myself and my families in the blood of Jesus my past cannot get hold me back because I am new in Christ Jesus.
  • Holy Spirit, disgrace the laughter and mocker of my new beginning in Jesus name. (Whatever is your new beginning, pray about it)
  • Our heavenly Father will surprise you beyond your expectation daily in Jesus name.

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