Live Peaceably!

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Live Peaceably!

Live Peaceably!

“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

Everything on earth has a price tag, whether it be money or time; be it good or evil. The price of life is what you pay for things that matter to you. Don’t let your desires get in the way of living God’s Word, because whatever you say you believe and desire to settle with or go for, there’s a sacrifice to make.

There’s a price to pay. And there’s always something to give. Nothing works without a demand; even God, as merciful as He is, expects you to obey Him and fulfill His will on earth to demonstrate His glory. In this world, peace isn’t found everywhere; it is only found in Christ. Sometimes, it costs our pride and ego to accept this belief that we can’t get it ourselves. It will require you to forget about yourself and your position to come as low as you may not even think of.

Matthew 5:24 says, “leave your gift there before the altar. First, go and be reconciled to your brother or sister; then come and offer your gift.”

Live peaceably with people sometimes requires you to shift your set standards and ideologies. You must make all necessary adjustments, show preference to what others need, and help build a successful fellowship and relationship. It doesn’t change or demean you; instead, it proves how valuable you are. You must understand this critical of the peace system in God’s kingdom to ever enjoy the best of every relationship.

In resolving conflicts, cooperate as much as possible. The relationship you’re about throwing away is still useful. Though it may come with several inconveniences, it worth it. Imagine Jesus leaving His glory in heaven to come and appear as a human on earth for rogue and reckless humans like us. What more significant inconvenience can you talk of? Repair that relationship with your family and God. Romans 14:19 says, “So then, let us pursue what leads to peace and mutual edification.”

1. I receive the capacity to love God and human wholeheartedly.
2. Psalm 34:14: Oh Lord, help me to depart argument that waste time, but allow me to do good, seek peace, and pursue it in Jesus name.

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