Responsibility of Being Prepared! 4

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Responsibility of Being Prepared! 4

Responsibility of Being Prepared! 4

“Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps. The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.” Matthew 25:7-8.

This is where we should be prepared for the day when God will come to us. The second coming of Christ was depicted with the arrival of the bridegroom while the “lamps” stands for the faith of Christians. The extra oil also symbolizes good works that accompany our faith. When things got tougher, and you think that God does not answer prayers anymore, you have got to hold on to your faith in God through prayers and supplication.

The five foolish virgins were lost because they were unprepared and lacked foresight but not because they were evil, mean, or unconcerned. If the rest of the virgins went to sleep, or probably did not have sufficient oil in their lamps to keep them burning or maybe, they were gone for some reason at the time when the bridegroom came, they will be exempted from the festivities which would bring embarrassment to them.

It is not just those who are in the church who will be saved, but everyone who is prepared and in the church. When you are faced with difficult situations, what will be your reaction? When it seems like all is lost, and things turn gloomy. You need to exercise your faith without wavering. Keep your lamp burning still and furnish it with every good work.

This is a clarion call to Christians all across the globe to exercise our authority in Christ, which can be enforced by faith. Our faith can move mountains, no matter how little it is, as long as it is genuine and emanated from a sincere heart. Perhaps, your lamp (faith) has burned out or faded out gradually. You must wake up from your slumber and add oil into your lamp and be revived once again.

Lord Jesus, you have given me the authority to exercise my faith, I now stand firm on this authority in Jesus name.

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