Take Your Stand!

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Take Your Stand!

Take Your Stand!

“Don’t give the Devil a chance.” Ephesians 4:27

When you are set apart for God’s special task, you become noted in the kingdom of darkness as a threat to their territory. However, little do they know that you are not alone, but God is with you because you are precious. Yet, the strategy to fulfilled destiny is when you stand upright with God without falling into the temptation of the devil.

The devil tried to kill the children of Israelites and destroyed them all so that the prophecy about Jesus Christ will not come true. For many years many Kings, emperors, and Neighboring countries try their best to subdue the people of Israel. But they fail miserably to accomplish this feat. It is only faith in God will bring salvation to those who believe in Him.

As Christians, you might be suffering from the grip of the enemy today because of the promises of God over your life, but I want to assure you that God is with you in your struggle. It does not matter who gang up against you, remember to take your stand in the promises of God over your life. Don’t give the devil chance to win your heart, instead take your stand.

Remember, if you don’t take your stand and fight for what you believe today, then you will fall for anything tomorrow. The Lord has given you the power to dominate and possessed your possession, therefore don’t negotiate with the devil or get into a relationship with him; he is a liar. Instead, put on the righteousness of God and stand. Ephesians 6:14 says, “Stand therefore, having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness.”

1. Jesus, as I am deciding to stand for you today, pray for me that I might not fall in Jesus’ name.
2. I will not fall into temptation. I will not fall into sin. But I will stand up in Christ to possess my possession in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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