The Effective Prayer!

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The Effective Prayer!

The Effective Prayer!

“Hear a just cause, O LORD, attend to my cry; give ear to my prayer which is not from deceitful lips.” Psalms 17:1

Our prayers unto God can break yokes, heal the sick, and move mountains if they are borne out of genuine faith and sincere heart. Many Christians seem to be confused or perplexed due to their unanswered prayers; the very major questions we ask are why some prayers are not answered. God answers prayers based on certain conditions, and knowing them will give you more peace and fulfillment.

To experience positive results in your prayer life and pleasing state of mind, you must understand the underlined principles;

God’s purpose:

The purpose is simply defined as the reason for something. God’s purpose in the mind of God towards someone or something; it is God’s intervention about an individual. The Almighty God is a God of purpose and intention. As humans, there are many plans in our hearts, but above it all, it is the Lord’s counsel that will stand.

In every way, God’s plan supersedes your plans, praying according to your will won’t get His approval. God is not moved, if not by his purpose. When seeking God’s intervention in any situation, ensure that your request is in alignment with God’s purpose, which is His Will and Word. Once your prayer is not following the word of God, it is powerless and futile because He is bound by His words.


Everything God does is time-bound and time-related. Divine purpose is fulfilled based on the law of appointed time. To everything, there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven. You are to subject your plans and will unto God’s Will because He would not dance to your tune on any issue. You must exercise patience, coupled with faith to get your prayers answered; because your act of patience exhibits faith.

1. Heavenly Father, I possess your will for my life in Jesus’ name.
2. Lord Jesus, endow me with grace to pray by thy will.

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