The Poor in Spirit!

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The Poor in Spirit!

The Poor in Spirit!

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

The perspective of our Lord Jesus Christ towards blessing is such a great one that every believer must pay close attention. Jesus started His teaching by attaching blessing to something we would have related to poverty in our world today. How do blessing and poverty relate to one another?

It would have been a different view if it were not Jesus that taught the beatitudes. Because there is no way your local church pastor or evangelist can say, ‘ you are blessed but poor in spirit, and be happy with such a statement. However, being poor in spirit is not about advocating poverty; instead, it is about humility and simplicity in life.

The poor in the spirit can be defined as those who are lacking spiritual resources, someone who always craves, desires, long waiting for the things of the spirit. They understand the need for God’s help and therefore seek Him out with all their heart. The poor in spirit humble themselves more and become dependent on God’s help.

Those who are always at the watch out for satisfaction through God gets their heart desire met. Wonderfully, a contrite and a broken spirit the Lord does not despise. The poor in the spirit can best be related to a man with a broken spirit, always looking for the satisfaction of God.

It is noteworthy to know that nothing and no one else can satisfy the spirit of humans other than God. There is a blessing of the Lord upon the poor in spirit. That is the Kingdom of God. What a great blessing for anyone who is always longing for God and the things of the spirit. Be such a poor man in the heat today and be blessed by the Lord.

Yes, Father, this is what pleased you. Matthew 11:26

1. Father Lord, grant me a heart that yearns for your satisfaction.
2. A songwriter said, “I cannot do without you, O Lord.” I believe that we do nothing without you—no light without Jesus. Lord, help us in Jesus name.

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