The Seed on Good Soil!

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The Seed on Good Soil!

The Seed on Good Soil!

“But the seeds on the good soil are those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, cling to it, and by persevering produce a crop.” Luke 8:15

The seed on good soil refers to those who are faithful, humble-minded, caring, and perseverance. For every seed to grow to its potential, you must faithfully plant it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, because unfaithful farmers are unproductive and unfruitful, and they will not prosper.

Honor the word of God in your heart; let it deeply rooted in your heart to be the source of all that is good and perfect. Give yourself the appropriate time to pray, meditate, and to read the word of God. Don’t forget, when you honor God with your heart, He will honor you with abundant life, because every word of God is a seed with great potential to blossom into a beautiful harvest.

“Blessed are those who keep His testimonies and seek Him with all their heart.” Psalm 119:2

Keep your eyes on the prize, and never give up hope of a better future. If you want something, all you need is a bit of faith and determination. Allow humility and perseverance to guide you through life. Humility is a virtue that gives you the joy to believe in what you have been given. When you are not humble enough, you will not have a strong desire to believe in that little seed that God places inside you that can grow into a beautiful garden.

Be humble and thankful for everything that you have, even if it means giving up some things. Don’t let anything stop you from living your life as God’s plan for you. Take care of that little seed that you have planted in your heart. Nurture it with love and gratitude. Remember that God loves you, so he gave his only son to die for your sin so that you could have a better and eternal life. John 3:16

Dear Lord Jesus, I pray that you continue to bless me with the strength and wisdom needed to carry out the plan of God’s will in my life.

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