Tripartite Nature of the World! 2

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Tripartite Nature of the World! 2

Tripartite Nature of the World! 2

“Sheol and Abaddon are never satisfied, so the eyes of mankind are never satisfied.” Proverbs 27:20

As we have talked about the lust of the flesh from the previous devotion in the last section, we will continue on the second category of Tripartite Nature of the World, called the “lust of the eyes.” This lust is a desire for more than what you can get with your life and result in an insatiable. The lust of the eyes!

The eye is a vital sense organ that constitutes human sight and visualization of things. It is a medium through which information can be transmitted to the mind even without a single speech. Lust of the eyes is the channel through which earthly things and worldly pleasures occupy our mind and heart. Jesus was also tempted by Satan when he took Him to the highest pinnacle and showed him the kingdoms of the world and their glory in a moment, saying, “all these things will I give You if You will fall and worship me.”

Matthew 6:22-23 says, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light, but if your eye is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!

Have you ever been disturbed when observing the glamour flashing and catching your attention in this world? Do away with them! Abhor any form of self-gratification or worldly pleasures; believe God for your needs as He does wonders in you. David (2 Sam 11:2) got hooked by the lust of the eyes also was Achan (Joshua 7:21) when they fall into terrible sins that they paid dearly for. Job made a resolution in Job 31:1; he vowed not never to look upon a young woman unto lust.

There are some instances where Jesus rebuked and commented. And such was that which was said in Matt 5: 27-29; Jesus made a true remark about convictions on adultery that don’t necessarily have to happen, but when a man lusts after a woman, he can be convicted for adultery. As obedience children of God, filter out every strange thing trying to gain entrance into your heart through your eyes. Doing this will shield you from God’s wrath upon the sons of disobedience. Job 31:1 says, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; how then could I gaze at a virgin?

I cancel every worldly glamour and beauty that is inflaming my spirit in Jesus’ name.

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