Where Treasures Truly Lies!

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Where Treasures Truly Lies!

Where Treasures Truly Lies!

“The intentions of a human’s heart are deep waters, but those who have understanding draws them out.” Proverbs 20:5

The greatest treasure is not in gold or jewels but finding God who makes you and becomes what you are called to do. So, in His eternal and infinite wisdom, God has decided to share some facts about his identity, character, purpose, and intentions for the redemption of humankind with the fallen race of finite humanity. He created us in his image, with a mind to think and a choice to choose. And while God has revealed many things to us through nature, our inner conscience, and His God-breathed word, many secrets remain concealed from us.

Proverbs 25:2 says, ” It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.” When King Solomon was preparing to take his father David’s kingdom, he recognized that the only way he could be sure of it as if he had wisdom. Therefore, he opted to seek God’s knowledge above longevity since he was a man of intelligence. If anyone lacks intelligence, they should not be concerned about the money, for God’s understanding is a treasure worth more than gold and silver.

1 Corinthians 2:12 says, “Now we have received not the spirit of the world, but the Spirit who is from God, that we might understand the things freely given us by God.”

Wisdom and knowledge are the foundation of everything else in life. With them, we can accomplish great things and make positive changes in the world. That is why Proverbs 2:2-5 says, “Making your ear attentive to wisdom and inclining your heart to understand; yes, if you call out for insight and raise your voice for understanding if you seek it like silver and search for it as for hidden treasures, then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.”

As Christians, we are not only king, Queen, prince, princess, and priests, but also God’s redeemed children, and we are urged to follow in the footsteps of the Bereans, who read the scriptures every day to verify what was taught in their meetings. This is our treasure, and we must seek it out and embrace it tightly. Although God is infinite, and we are finite, God has revealed so much to us through his indwelling spirit in his grace. Amen. 2 Timothy 2:7 says, “Think over what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything.”

1. Heavenly Father, thank you for your word; I appreciate the mysteries that you have revealed to us through your word.
2. I am grateful for the deep things you are set to reveal to us as we search out a matter of understanding.

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