An Encounter with God!

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An Encounter with God!

An Encounter with God!

“I will make you into a great nation, and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing.” Genesis 12:2

Anyone that has an encounter with God is expected to have unusual and unquestionable results. This is simply because no circumstance or problem can go on when God gets involved. People expect to see changes in our lives when we claim to have come in contact with God.

Saul was a significant threat to the children of God in his early years in the Bible; he desired to kill whoever was a Christian. Saul was a licensed killer; hence no one can hold him responsible, but when Saul had an encounter with Jesus, his story changed, his mission changed, his calling became different instead of being a killer. He began to preach salvation after the encounter he had with GOD-Acts 9:1-8.

Psalm 68:35 says, “Awesome is God from his sanctuary; the God of Israel—he is the one who gives power and strength to his people. Blessed be God!”

There are no stubborn situations or circumstances in life that are above the control of God’s will. When God is at work, He has all the power to turns things around for good in our lives. Therefore, whatever you are going through in your life, God will work out the best way for you so that you may have peace and joy in your life.

It is God’s will for us to be saved and not just what we think we deserve. Even when we can choose how we respond and react in any situation, God still has power over every aspect of our lives. His divine nature through Jesus is always present and ready to help us through any challenge or obstacle. 2 Peter 1:3 says, “Christ’s divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his glory and excellence.”

1. Dear Lord, I pray that you grant me the strength to overcome my fear and walk in faith.
2. 2 Peter 1:2; May the grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord.

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