Do Not Let Things Fall Apart

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Do Not Let Things Fall Apart

There’s this saying that says “let’s go” of this or “let’s go” of that. Even though there is something you have to let go, but there is something you have to fight for not to let go. I believe that there is a season for every situation you are in, and every person, place, and thing in your life or that crosses paths with you. Not everything you have to let go and let it fall apart, but there is something you have to tend and keep fighting for. If you let things fall apart, they will never be the same again.

Things can fall apart when you do not keep it or tend it. For example, when you left your residence for a long time? Alternatively, you probably went on vacation for days and left your house locked up without anyone to keep or mend it daily. Have you ever observed that no matter how the windows and doors are closed and locked, once you open them back after the extended cut, it is inevitable that the rooms will be dusty? Once you have your house unkempt for days, be an expectation for a dusty and dirty compound. Irrespective of the beauty, cost or size of a house, if it is not managed continuously, there’s the full tendency of drops in beauty, structure and the value of the building.

In Gen 2:15, we see the essence of God’s initiative to produce man. God was so deliberate to create man and place the man He had created in the Garden of Eden purposefully to tend and keep them. Why? Our God is a professional manager; He wouldn’t have created such a beautiful garden and leave them to be unkempt and gradually fades away.

You must never give up hope, do not let things fall apart because God is faithful to his promises. God has given us a beautiful life to keep and manage how often do you check your life and mend it? Do you even pay attention to your spiritual growth just like Adam would pay attention to the growth of the plants and animals in the Garden of Eden?

God promises that we will grow into a better person by following him. It is essential that we dress and keep our spiritual life daily to prevent it from unnecessary dust. There is no magic to spiritual growth; all you need to do is to dress your mind with the word of God daily to prevent life to fall apart. You cannot build courage without holding to the word of God. Romans 10:17 says “No one can have faith without hearing the message about Christ.”

Similar scripture: Proverbs 24:30-34

1. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy, oh Lord.
2. Lord Jesus, restore everything that is falling apart in my life now
3. Help me Lord to be consistent with you; I ask for the capacity to dwell in your word always.
4. I pray for you this day as you read this message and believe the word of God for it, that every spirit’s forces of the darkness behind the troubles of your life will receive the fire of God in Jesus name.

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