Integrity Breeds Happiness!

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Integrity Breeds Happiness!

Integrity Breeds Happiness!

“Those who follow the right path fear the LORD; those who take the wrong path despise him.” Proverbs 14:2

Integrity breeds happiness. A person known for their honesty and uprightness is usually content. They do not have to worry about the consequences of their actions because they know they have done the right thing, no matter what others think. This peace of mind leads to happiness that is internal and permanent.

Proverb 19:1 says, “Better is a poor man who walks in his integrity than he who is crooked in his ways and rich.” Integrity is key to a happy life. When we walk in integrity, we are living our lives the way God wants us to live. We are also obeying Jesus’ commandment to love others as ourselves. Living with integrity makes us happier because we know we are doing what is right and don’t have to worry about what others think of us. We can be content knowing that we are living a good life before God.

John 14:21 says, “Whoever has my commands and obeys them, he is the one who loves me. My Father will love him who loves me, and I too will love him and show myself to him.”

Integrity is honesty and sticking to your morals, even when no one is looking. It is doing the right thing, even when it’s difficult. Integrity is what makes you a better person than a fool. When you have integrity, people can trust you. They know you will always tell the truth and never cheat or steal. This builds character and makes you someone that people want to be around.

When you have integrity, you are obeying God’s commands. This shows that you love Him and that you want to follow Him. He will then love you and show Himself to you. Having integrity makes you a better person than a fool. It shows that you have character and morals. It also shows that you are someone that people can trust. And most importantly, it shows that you love God and are willing to obey Him. Amen. Proverbs 4:24 says, “Put away deception from your mouth; keep your lips from perverse speech.” Amen.

1. I thank you, Lord, for the joy and gladness you prophesy ahead of my day because this is the day you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it in Jesus’ name.
2. Lord Jesus, contend and frustrate every evil conspiracy meant to lead me into evil temptation and the perverse way in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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