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“And all the people came up after him, and the people piped with pipes, and rejoiced with great joy so the earth rent with the sound.” 1Kings 1:41

The joy of the Lord is not only about the outward appearance but also the inward life. It is a crucial thing to remember as we live in a world; everything is connected in and out of our lives. This three-letter word, ‘joy,’ that I choose we pronounce J. O. Y is a powerful word and God’s gift to refreshing our heart.

The joy of the Lord is the one to be described as our hope, fortitude, and faith in Christ Jesus. The Psalmist at different times talks about the Joy of the Lord. Nehemiah, in his writings, expressed that the Joy of the Lord is his strength.

Don’t you think this subject needs your careful consideration, and attention for transformation? I am sure it does! Don’t let the devil robbed you of the things of JOY. Because this joy of the Lord will grant you the inner strength needed to carry out tasks and meet life endeavors that are difficult or impossible.

The devil seeks to attack some people’s joy because he knows this is what keeps them going. This is the strength and vigor of life. Anytime someone lost their joy, it seems like they lose themselves. They become weak and miserable, but when the spirit of God comes through, they cannot be defeated.

You may not know what the joy of the Lord does or how much it help you face everyday challenges, but if you have a heart of faith in Christ, then you can see more of the joy of his presence. Meanwhile, joy is not circumstantial or eventual. It is a life you live when you abide in the presence of the Lord. At the presence of the Lord, there is the fullness of joy. Crave the presence of God today and seek His abiding presence, where there is fullness of joy.1 Thessalonians 5:16 says, “Rejoice at all times.”

1. Lord, I sincerely and joyfully thank you for the enabling grace in my life to be able to experience your presence.
2. Lord, frustrate and disgrace every enemy that plans to steal my joy in any season by fire in Jesus’ name.

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