Sustain Relationships! Part Two

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Sustain Relationships! Part Two

Sustain Relationships! Part Two

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.” Psalm 133:1

The psalmist in the Book of Psalms, chapter 133, speaks about the importance of relationships and how they should be nurtured. He writes that when brethren dwell together in unity, it is like the precious oil poured on the head of Aaron, running down to his beard. This imagery speaks to the idea that when people are unified and work together towards a common goal, they are an unstoppable force.

Adullam was one of the royal cities of the Canaanites referred to in the Hebrew Bible. It was here that Judah, the son of Jacob (Israel), came when he left his father and brothers in Migdal Edar. It was there that Judah befriended a certain Adullamite called Hirah. Likewise, it was at this location that Judah met his first wife, the daughter of Shuah. It was one of the towns that Rehoboam fortified against Ancient Egypt. King David sought refuge in Adullam after being expelled from Gath. It was an ordinary cave near the village of Adullam, but it turned into a place where everyone in debt and distress gathered together.

Micah 1:15 says, “I will bring a conqueror against you who live in Mareshah. So the nobles of Israel will flee to Adullam.”

This was possible through a long line of relationships sustained by their patriarch (Judah). Even when Joshua took over the Canaanites, it was one of the places that served as a refuge for them. Scripture has a lot to talk about when it comes to dwelling together in unity or being at peace with each other. Adullam was known for its strength and became a refuge for the lineage of Judah. Which of your circle of friends can you make your confidant? Do you have friends that can lift you in prayers and pacifying words when you are down?

Sustaining relationships is a pearl of wisdom by which the fathers of faith lived their lives and were able to conquer the world. A notable example is Jonathan and David in the scriptures. You don’t have to be at loggerheads with everyone around you. However, it would be best if you made peace, not for yourself but for every one of your offspring now and in the future. God has appointed you as benefactors, and not just passersby. Hebrews 12:14 says, “Make every effort to live in peace with everyone and to be holy; without holiness, no one will see the Lord.”

1. Thank you, Jesus, for being so passionate about my circle of friends.
2. Father, help me not to look down on people around me so I might always see the good in people.
3. In Jesus’ name, the Lord will prevent you from falling victim to bad relationships in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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